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  Overview of Solar Energy

  • Sun is Root Source of All available Energy Resources. 

  • Capacity of Solar Energy is unlimited and infinite.

  • Solar Energy Runs all Life on Earth.

  • Solar Energy Use for 

  • Agriculture and horticulture * Transport * Solar Water Heating 

  • Process Heat & Cooking *Electricity Generation


Industrial and Commercial

House Hold Electricity

Steam Generation

Usage of Solar Energy

  • House Hold, Housing Societies Lighting, Elevator & Water Heating.

  • Electricity for Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Banks, Malls, Cinema Theater

  • Software Companies, IT Parks, Call Centers, BPO / KPO

  • Street Lighting, Traffic Signal, Toll Plaza, Gardens, Temples.

  • Remote sites, Resorts, Farm Houses, Mobile Cell Tower Sites.

  • Steam & Electricity for Industries, Sugar, Chemical Factories.

  • Off shore Rigs, Defense Post, Check Post, Bunkers.

  • Water Pumps, Sewage Stations, Storage Sheds.

  • Solar Electricity Self-Sufficient Villages / Small Towns.

  • Schools, Colleges, University Campus.